Ice Conditions 12/28/15

Ice Conditions for the 9 am -11 am session: 6.5 The ice was slower than usual, slight snow covering, some rough spots on the edges and corners. Still we’re happy to have skating on the oval! 4 pm – 6 pm (split session): 7 Faster ice than this morning, slight snow cover. Still some rough spots, […]

9-11 & 4-6 speed skating (update)

UPDATE (1:34 pm): I heard from a oval ticket seller that there are tentative plans for a 4-6 speed skating session today. Not sure if it will be split or not. The ice is rather wet as it is raining. ICE CONDITIONS (1 to 10 with 10 being the best) FOR 9 am – 11 […]

Ice Update: December 26 2015

The crews continue to flood the oval to make ice for skating. Here are some images.   I have heard from oval staff and crew that there are plans for a full day of skating tomorrow. To clarify, those hours are: 10 am – 12 pm SPEED SKATING 1 pm – 3 pm PUBLIC SKATING […]

Info on skating this weekend

The ice became very thin yesterday (it was warm and windy) so therefore the crews are working tonight, putting down water to make more ice. I have been told there will be no ice tomorrow (Saturday), but possibly by Sunday. I will post information as I receive it.

Happy Holidays & Ice Update!

Hello everyone, As stated in the previous post, there is no skating tomorrow 12/25 (Christmas Day). As you can see, the ice seems to be a little wet. ORDA management said yesterday they are hoping to have ice for the weekend. Please watch this site for additional information. At this moment, this is what was posted for […]

The Ice Report: Monday, December 21 2015

Rating (from 1 to 10, with 10 being best): 8 The ice was good yesterday, slightly pebbly but decent for skating. Awaiting ice schedule to be updated…keep watching here for schedule updates!

The Ice Report: Sunday December 20, 2015

9 am – 11 am speed skating session ICE RATING (1 being worst and 10 being best): 6  Ice was very pebbly and light snow covering. 4 pm – 6 pm speed skating session RATING: 7.5 Ice was smoother and “faster”, no snow covering. Still some rough spots on the corners. Tomorrow’s speed skating is scheduled for 4 […]