lake placid olympic oval

Your first question visiting this site (after perhaps exclaiming at the beautiful photos) might be, “is this the official page for the Lake Placid Olympic Speed Skating Oval?” And the answer would be, “no, we are not”. If you want that page, visit the Olympic Regional Development Authority’s (ORDA’s) page for Public Ice Skating, which includes official information.  We are not in any way affiliated with the Olympic Regional Development Authority, Olympic Speed Skating Oval, or Lake Placid town/village administration.

So why does this page exist, you may ask? The Lake Placid Oval site was started in 2012 in response to skater’s inquiries about ice conditions on the oval, which can be unpredictable on the outdoor ice surface. Over the years we have also reported on schedules (especially schedule changes) and passed along any other relevant information pertaining to the Oval, mostly sourced from ORDA’s official Public Ice Skating page or from Oval management directly. I hope that this resource is valuable to you and helps you plan your skating trip to Lake Placid!

Occasionally I share information from the Lake Placid Speed Skating Club, as many of those participating in the meets frequent the site and are looking for updates and information. I will also share interesting articles and other resources that pertain to Lake Placid speed skating or Lake Placid’s Olympic speed skating history.

Please email us through the email link on the top of the page with any questions or comments!


Christie Sausa

Site Administrator