ICE RATING (from 1-10, with 10 being “Even the Grinch wants to skate today”):

9 am – 11 am – 8

The ice is getting better! Smooth and relatively fast considering the humidity and above-freezing temperatures. Thank you to the ORDA crew for your hard work on the ice.

The Bench Report (from 1-5 with 5 being, (sing to the tune of “The Christmas Song”)

“They know that Santa’s on his bench,

He’s wearing custom skates and has an allen wrench,

And every skater there is gonna try, 

To see if Santa really knows how to fly” 

9 am – 11 am -4.5

It was warm, the wind picked up as the session went on, but at least the bench was not wet. It was relatively pleasant to sit there and not freeze.

4 pm – 5 pm: 9.5

I would have given it a ten, but the small “speed bump” by the school on the back side of the Oval reduced the score a bit. :) It was nothing that the crew could have fixed though, it was as a result of the warmer weather. By this afternoon, the promised rain had arrived. But that same rain made the ice FAST. And underneath the layer of water, the ice held up remarkably well. I got soaked but it was worth it!


I’m sitting in the rain

Just sitting in the rain

What a glorious feeling

I’m soaked to the skin

This says it all. I chose to skate in the rain, so I chose to sit in the rain too. It’s an unavoidable part of skating outside. My biggest regret was getting water in my (snow) boots. It was still worth it to skate, the ice was fast, and the temperature warm. What a wonderful Christmas Eve gift.


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