ICE RATING (from 1-10, with 10 being blazing fast, unbelievable ice):


This morning the ice was quite smooth and fast, except for rough strips in the middle of the lane. It was still good ice provided you avoided those….maybe they were there to keep sleepy speed skaters awake like those grooves on the highway? Just kidding. We have been told they are working on them. :)


The ice was a bit scored compared to this morning (nothing that would make a skater catch an edge) after a busy public skating session but the Zamboni was still out beforehand to smooth it out a bit.  Still pretty fast.


THE BENCH REPORT (from 1-5 with 1 being, my jacket is now hanging from Wiseguys’ porch because of the wind gusts to 5, a perfect experience in every way, I could sit there forever): 3.5 overall

No wind, no rain, no snow, no problems. Was it super cold this morning? Yes. But were the benches clear and relatively unmarred by frost or snow? Also yes. Did we still want to build a fire around which to gather, (socially distanced) make smores, and tell stories? You know it. The afternoon improved the situation significantly, with temps about 10 degrees warmer and still no precipitation. All is well rinkside.


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