We had an interesting weekend of racing. Conditions were fine Saturday morning, but Saturday afternoon, the 4-6 session was canceled when the ice started to get soft. Sunday morning, the ice was revived by the ORDA crew and most skaters improved their Lake Placid personal best times. Sunday afternoon’s ice started out nice, got softer, and then started to firm up as the session went on.

SATURDAY ICE REPORT (from 1-10 with 10 being the best): 8 (in the morning)

The ice was smooth and fairly fast


Morning (races): 5-8

There were many issues with the ice this morning, but the crew worked hard to fix them. The ice for the 1000 meter was worse than the 3000 meter, which was the second distance. After several floods post-warmup and in between the distances, the ice improved tremendously.

4-6 session: 5-7

The ice started off smooth despite the water covering, but around 4:30 it started to get softer in spots, which made skating difficult. As the session went on, it seemed to improve a bit.

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