What a difference a day makes. Although the ice certainly wasn’t “perfect”, it was much improved from yesterday’s conditions. Some of the spots on the ice were so smooth and fast I would have rated a 9…but there are still some rough spots (especially on the corners) and the far inner lane still needs work, so I’m going to give a lesser rating. With the work promised tonight, we anticipate nice ice for the races tomorrow.

ICE RATING (from 1-10 with 10 being the best): 7.5

As noted above, there are still some rough spots including a large portion of the corner by the legends of the Oval board, but not too treacherous, just slower. There are still small spots of shell ice but they are greatly diminished and should be gone tomorrow; the far inner lane needs work but that is supposed to be addressed tonight as well. Overall, we’re impressed by the quality of the ice today considering how rough it was yesterday. Big shout out to the ORDA crew who worked hard to revive it over the past few days.

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