*I was told that 3/6 was the last day of the oval for the season but will confirm before announcing that formally*

Ice rating from 1-10 with 10 being the best.

The morning ice was GREAT! Probably about a 9 rating–not as fast as Friday night but still really smooth and good ice for a 42K!

I was skating on the 1-3 public session in my figure skates, thinking the ice might melt before 4 pm – 6 pm. It was very soft and slushy to the point blades sunk in a bit when skating on certain spots.


This is what the ice looked like around 2:50 pm Sunday March 6th 2016

Imagine my surprise when there was a 4 pm – 6 pm session after all!


Rating for 4 pm – 6 pm session: 6.5

The ice was very rough in places–after a resurface it was a bit smoother but still many small holes and gouges in the ice surface. Corners were especially rough. There were also small bumps on the ice surface but we skated with our weight further back and that made it easier to skate without stumbling. Kudos to the crew for making the ice skate-able the last day!


Oval crew members Ray and Craig; they were two of the crew members who helped keep the ice in “skating shape” during a difficult season.

I also skated the 7 pm – 9 pm session and after the sun went down the crew was able to work on the ice more, and it was much smoother. A great (probable) end to a great season! :)



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