10 am – 12 pm conditions (from 1 to 10, 10 being best): 7.5

Still some rough spots but smoother ice than yesterday.

4 pm – 6 pm conditions: 8

Ice was smoother than this morning, some snow cover but not as many rough spots or grooves as before.

If you’re in Lake Placid tonight, stop by the oval from 10:30 pm – 12: 30 am to Skate into 2016! All proceeds benefit the food pantry. For more information or to ask questions, visit www.facebook.com/skatenewyear 

Skate into the New Year Flyer 2016


4 thoughts on “Ice Conditions 12/31/15

  1. Thanks for the updates. Do you know if there will be any 4-6pm speed skating sessions on Jan 1 or Jan 2? Will the 10am-12pm sessions continue on Jan 1st and 2nd?

    • I believe so, I heard that they are continuing that holiday schedule through the holiday, (hopefully that includes January 2nd, last year the holiday schedule lasted until then) 10 am – 12 pm speed skating and 4 pm – 6 pm split session. If I hear anything else i will post it. :)

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