2014 golden skates marathon lake placid

Skaters competing in last year’s Golden Skates Marathon (photo by Christie Sausa)

Hello everyone,

Please see this email blast from the Golden Skates Marathon organizers regarding the relocation of the Golden Skates Marathon:

Dear Marathon Skater,
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are taking the Golden Skates Marathon away from Lake Placid this weekend.  Ste. Foy, Quebec is happy to rescue the Golden Skates Marathon and to have great racing this weekend!  Pull out your passports for historic Quebec City!
We are sorry that this is the reality and we hope that you will still want to take part in the 2015 Golden Skates Marathon.
For those needing it, we would be offering a complimentary coach bus leaving Lake Placid on Saturday morning for a ride to the L’Anneau de Glace Gatean Boucher in Ste. Foy (~5 hours) for racing the 21 km in the late afternoon or evening.
Please respond and let us know immediately if you will race the Golden Skates in Ste. Foy.  Contact us at info@peakedgeperformance.com to work with the Golden Skates Race Secretary on the paperwork as we need to have enough skaters to do this.
The 10 km and 42 km event would take place on Sundaymorning.  The coach bus would get back to Lake Placid, arriving around 6 p.m.
Please call your Lake Placid hotel and let them know that the only reason you were coming to Lake Placid was to compete in the Golden Skates Marathon.
Tell the hotels that ORDA is the reason that you can no longer come to Lake Placid since the event had to be moved to Quebec as ORDA does not have the Oval operational!  Let the hotels know that this is not because of the weather.  New York City outdoor rinks are currently operating in the same or warmer weather conditions.
In sportsmanship,
The Golden Skates Organizing Team
The 14k Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals have arrived!
The Golden Skate Marathon Champions will win handcrafted 14k Gold, Silver and Bronze awards!
The Golden Skates Marathon commissioned:

Shepherd Clark

World Figure Championship Silver Medalist & Jeweler

to make the Speed Skate Blades for the Champions!



Skaters are coming from 8 States:

Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey and New York!

Plus Eastern and Western Ontario and Eastern and Western Quebec!!

DURING the Golden Skates Marathon!

To relive the excitement of the Olympic Games, visit the
Lake Placid Olympic Museum!

Speed Skating Exhibit to be installed spring 2016!

Join the Lake Placid Speed Skating Club!  Click to enroll.
Thick Leather Guards for Speed Skates for sale!  They will hold up for years to come – Great for Gift Giving – Adjustable elastic heel strap placement allows these guards to fit adult and children’s speed skates.  Each pair has a different design burned into the leather.  Never wonder are these my guards?  All proceeds go to the Lake Placid Speed Skating Club and are handcrafted by members of the Lake Placid Speed Skating Club.  Purchase at the Lake Placid Skate Shop $39.00 per pair. http://www.lakeplacidskates.com  
Please share this blast!

It is disappointing that the Oval couldn’t accommodate the Golden Skates Marathon this weekend, but it promises to be an excellent event in Quebec City!


golden skates lake placid

The gold, silver, and bronze Golden Skates for the overall winners of the Golden Skates Marathon.

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