I have heard from various sources that tomorrow’s (12/30’s) speed skating session is 10 am – 12 pm and this time will probably continue through the new year. Here’s hoping that’s true! I will post if anything changes or as more information becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Speed Skating 10 am -12 pm

  1. Is speed skating (on speed skates) available on the oval during the regular public skating hours, or only from 10-noon? Will there be speed skating from 10-noon tomorrow, 12/31?


    • Yes, I believe there is supposed to be speed skating tomorrow 10-12, and the only time speed skating is allowed on public sessions is this week’s 4pm – 6 pm session which is split. That means there is speed skating on the inner lane and public skating on the outer lane. Hope that helps. The schedule has been changing so frequently and there hasn’t been a posted schedule so we only find out day by day.

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